Little Ladybird Books

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

I'm smitten with Ladybird books.  Their bright spines, idyllic worlds and attempts at first readers.  According to telling the time, we can expect the mail man at 9 and the milkman at 10 and daddy will get home from work at 6.  Just as well there is shopping at 11 and tea at 4 to keep us occupied for the rest of the day.

E is really into magic at the moment so the book on the top of the stack is her current favourite. 

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  1. gosh!, these take me back!! i'd have trouble resisting as well!.

  2. Ahh ladybirds! They have a special place in my heart too, we were given them at infant school prizegivings. I got one, i forget which for best school attendence. I really should have got it for stoicism in the face of being sent to school sick repeatedly, my mum believing we needed to be at deaths door before we got to stay home!


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