Winter Coats- Elves are Cooler Than Pixies

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Winter means winter coats.  I have been stitching away, with these coats just waiting for it to get cold enough to wear.  Of course, this doesn't mean that everything else the children wear is seasonally appropriate.  Check out those bare knees!!
The girls promptly told me that they are elf coats, not pixie coats.  Apparently, elves are cooler.  I think we can blame the Polar Express movie for that.  The girls are pretty excited about their coats either way.
 About the Pattern:
The pattern is Thadee by Citronille.  It has been shortened to allow for tree climbing and bike riding adventures.  I didn't realise you could get the patterns in english  and fumbled my way through the french (looking at the pictures really). I chose to line it with flannel to the hoods and body and vintage acetate to the sleeves.   I've also added some pockets into the side seams.  The buttons are vintage self covered dome buttons which found in an opshop.  I still haven't been able to find anyone who is currently making them as they are great for little fingers.

The fabric was bought at an auction in January.  The coral appears to have been a wool blanket once upon a time.  It was just an off cut when it came to me.  The blue is a thick woven coat wool.  You may see a little more of it over time as I ended up with a half bolt of it.

The pattern is simple to make and I would recommend it.  While it would be a whole lot faster to make without pockets or lining, the little details make it all the nicer for my little pixies elves.

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  1. Those pixie coats, I mean elf coats, are extremely cute. Very inspiring!

  2. Absolutely adorable! Well done.

  3. I love those coats! So bright and cheery. I suppose you don't have to worry much abut dreary snowy days dragging on and on for months, but these would here up winter nonetheless!


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