Time to Stop

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I noticed the fridge light first. It wasn't working. Our power was out for some hours this morning. In a sense, it was a relief.

My Nana-in-Law is visiting this afternoon and I really needed to get ready.

The stoppage was planned. We even had a letter about it. I had just forgottten, until the fridge light, that is.

My first thought was to head to a friend's place for the morning. However, I couldn't place my cell phone and couldn't use the land line to call it. One day we really MUST get a phone that isn't portable.

So little e and I stayed home.

I started to think of all the things I couldn't do.

I couldn't start on the cowboy quilt that I've been dreaming about

I couldn't put on another load of washing.

I couldn't bake a cake.

I couldn't check my emails to see if Beth from Sew Mama Sew liked my Tutorial.

I couldn't vacuum

My days are often a flurry of multi tasking. Put the cake in the oven. Put a load of washing on. Do the dishes and going well, it should all finish at the same time. It's like a construction program, with the long lead and long cycle time things getting kicked off first. I feel like I am working smart but in truth, still not getting everything done.

Today I had to stop.

We played on the floor and under the washing line, with pieces of apple and flyaway circulars. It was nice outside.

I sat down with the transistor radio and could hear it for once as it didn't have to compete with the sewing machine. I managed to put together an engagement card for some friends, only two months after buying the card. I even considered getting my knitting out.

In fact, we managed to get a lot done. It is just that it wasn't the usual way.

Now the power is back on. There are some things that I thought I needed to do but really they can still wait. It is time to stop. Nana is coming to see us not the house.

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