Domestic Irony

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sometimes words fails me and othertimes it seems the right words haven't been found yet. I think we need more words. Has anyone found a word for those moments when you wake at 2 in the morning, thinking the oven might still be on? And those bits of sausage that escape while frying, making little sausage meatballs? Today I'm introducing domestic irony to the world

Domestic irony is a common affliction. I blame it whenever the bench piles with dishes. Of course I can't do the dishes because I can't find the plug. There is speculation that the plug might be under the dishes. However, this cannot be confirmed as the dishes can't be done and so it goes...*

The second form of domestic irony I've found is the kiddy locks for cupboards. I had had enough of removing breakable things from cupboards just so little e could rummage through them. The bench was piled high with ceramic mixing bowls and I needed the space. This is where the kiddy lock comes in. It's great. It really does keep kids out of the cupboards.

(heartsy, cute and downright tenacious)

Unfortunately, this thing is so very hard to open that I would rather stack washed dishes on the bench than put them away. Consequently I'm right back where I started.

I'm sure other forms of domestic irony have been found. I would be keen to hear yours as types one and two have been plaguing and amusing me for some time now.

* I would love to post a glamorous picture of perfectly matched dishes awaiting washing but this only happens in staged photo shoots and frankly, I'm not keen on having to wash more dishes just to take a pretty picture.

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  1. Hi Amy, hope your first day back at work went well.xx

  2. I don't have a domestic irony tale handy, but I do have a mothering irony to share. Last week I yelled at the children "Stop shouting! I just want to hear GENTLE and KIND voices!!!"

    Ahhhhh...oh dear.


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