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Friday, May 16, 2008

Meet Stella. She is a youthful 30 ish and loves to travel. She sews beautifully and packs up tiny. Last week I packed up Stella and went to a Midnight Madness Class.

I have been meaning to get along to a local class for some time. An evening class with takeaway dinners and a quilt top finished in an evening sounded just right for me. I was also keen to get along and meet some local quilters. Little did I know just how local.

It was a foul, rainy evening so I decided to take the car, even though the class was only 100 m down the road. I did notice someone walking with a wheel barrow as I backed out the driveway. The wheel barrow also pulled into the quilt store, just after me. It wasn't until we were setting up machines that I realised it was Rosie, my next door neighbor.

We wave to each other when I'm in the kitchen and she's in the garden. There was much discussion as the fence was repaired between our places, But really we hadn't sat to talk until last week.

I kindly let her know, that if I had known, I could have given her a lift. She wisely replied that if she had known, we could have shared wheel barrows.

The evening was a lot of fun and yes, I did meet some more local quilters and even had a quilt top finished at the end of the evening (midnight).

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  1. sounds like a fun night! Isn't it great when you can share tools and things with neighbors?!


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