Little Bird

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This little guy has been mooching around our house, making himself at home.  I picked him up at a local garage sale.  I love the colours and the way he rolls*.  He makes a hollow jangly noise as he wobble and tries to right himself.  Suddenly, I want to paint the world orange, blue and white to match his optimistic beak and outfit.

Sometimes he looks like he is trying to talk to the lamps, other times he's befriending  the matryoshka. Either way, I think I'll let him stay.

*For those interested in how he works, you can read all about his physics here.  He's a 1970's Playskool Weeble.  

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  1. Weebles wobble but they don't fall down! A slogan burned into my memory from childhood. What a great little find!

  2. Ha ha, i was just about to say what jaqui said! He is a dear wee thing. I had little fat men weebles when i was a kid for some reason; i just love that sound when i hear it x


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