Baby Quilts for the Cobbler's Daughter (or Quilter's Daughter in this case )

Friday, May 02, 2008

There is a saying that the cobbler's children go without new shoes. I think there may be more than an ounce of truth in it. I have still to make little e a quilt.

I might be living proof of this saying in more ways than one.

My father is an electrician and has always been determined that he can and will fix anything that breaks. As children, this was a source of great amusement. After visiting Uncle Michael, with his modified toaster that really bounced the toast like in the cartoons, my brother and I wanted one too. Not to be out done by his electrician brother (it runs in the family) Dad set out to make one too and of course take it one step further. The toaster bounced even higher.

I think Dad was aiming for our waiting plates.

However, Mum wasn't as impressed and the toaster was reinstated to a bit less than it's former bounciness. That toaster was fixed a number of times, as was every other appliance in the house.

It finally went walk about one summer holiday when friends house sat. When Mum was asked if there any suitable payment, she knew exactly what she wanted. Out of Dad's earshot, she said “Make the toaster disappear”.

We got our new toaster and it popped just like every other toaster. Not much else was said on the matter for a few years.

However, when Dad found that old toaster hidden in the back of the shed – it was carried high like a trophy. That toaster even managed to live another day as it was placed carefully in the box of items to go flatting.

Our washing machine was very much the same story. I think we will save that one for when I finally get a quilt made for little e.

In the meantime, she isn't going without by a long shot My Stitching Sisters friends made this wonderful red and white quilt. It's the first time that I have been given a quilt and it feels amazing. As, you can see this quilt has been with little e since the beginning.

While I was able to choose the pattern and colours, I was carefully sent from the room as everything went together. There were hushed tones as people discussed the quilting, the boarder, the fabrics. It was presented to me two weeks before little e's arrival, when I was at the “whole world is uncomfortable” stage of pregnancy.

Like the toaster being repaired every time with love, this quilt was stitched with love and it shows.

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  1. That baby is adorable! As is the quilt. What was the pattern?

  2. I laughed out loud at this post - my Dad is an electrician too and what you said is SO TRUE! My Dad always wants to play with or fix things. Always inventing stuff - we didn't have a cartoon toaster, but we did have a bright red lightbulb in the corner of the living room ceiling which would flash on when anyone walked up the driveway. Hilarious.

    My parents are in NZ, and I live in the States now, and the first time they came to visit, I collected things for a few months for my Dad to fix while he stayed with us. My hubby had never met him and thought I was crazy - I had old cameras, appliances etc stashed away. Kept my Dad busy for the 3 months they were with us! Now my hubby 'gets' it.

    Oh and the baby and the quilt are both gorgeous!

    Glad to have found your blog - it was from a comment on Valori Wells' blog.

  3. I just saw that you are in NZ- how amazing is that??? Which part? I was in Dunedin until I was 8, then Hamilton from then on. But have been all over. Miss it like crazy sometimes!

  4. Oh, beautiful, happy baby under a most lovely quilt! Delightful!!!
    -Emily in norway

  5. I can't recall the exact name of the pattern, but it appears to be based on the style of Gwen Marston's Liberated Quilts and the star blocks she uses. I hope this helps.



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