Lists, Lists and More Lists

Friday, May 23, 2008

My life is often a series of lists. There are the mental lists of things to get done before the end of the day. There are the written lists of things to do while in town and often a grocery list or two. Then there are the larger lists of things to get done before important milestones. This weeks list is things to get done before I go back to work.

The to do before work list started off very long. I like to include everything and then cut the list back. This means it is a matter of choosing not to do something rather than forgetting to put it on the list. I then cut back the list to things that needed to be done this week and things for little e. Gifts and unfinished projects can wait.

The biggest item on the list was taking little e to the daycare centre. By not taking her, my return to work seemed less real and imminent. I finally went on Monday and we have been spending half an hour there each day this week. She appears to like it, especially now that she has found the toy box.

I had cut out a merino top for little e and wanted to get it sewn up before she started. This one was in green and cut very carefully to get a baby gown out of the fabric too. While the machine was threaded up with green I had to make another baby gown, despite my vow to steer clear of gifts this week. Sometimes I have trouble sticking to the lists.

And, I have finished my block for this week. The alternating colours on the flying geese meant that I couldn't take any shortcuts there.

I think I'm almost ready. The emotions about work are still mixed, but just think of what I can do in the hour long train trips to work. I've been putting together a list for that one too.

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  1. I am a "list" person too. I love the red in your #4 block.

  2. Ah yes, the going back to work thing. It is a hard one. I love lists too (well actually only the crossing off parts hehe)

  3. I feel like a reject quilter when I see lovely blocks like this! I am totally re-doing my block. Your points match up so well and are so pointy! Mine are just plain wierd looking. Not sure what I am doing wrong though.

    PS: I love that baby dress too!

  4. Love the color of the merino, gorgeous, good luck for going back to work, I'll be thinking of you! xx

  5. I know all about lists, yes, where was it... I love the reds of the quilt square!! You have some beautiful fabrics harmonizing together and it is so beautifully done! I would love to have a top like the lovely green on you have made!


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