First Week Back at Work

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The first week of daycare and work is done. Granted, it was only 3 days, and many of my friends have been back at work for a while, but it was big for me.

I'm pleased to find that my mind still works in the “worky” way. My dearest had noticed that my quilting was getting a little obsessive technical. I think spending an hour working out meterage (yardage) on patterns I am considering is perfectly normal and completely practical. However, working out the mileage on the car (7.9l / 100km) is something only an engineer would normally do.

The days were long. It took two days to understand that the best thing to do on the train there, is to sleep. It took another day to remember to pack a comb to minimise the post train hair style. On the other hand, I am devouring books on the way home.

Little e is beginning to settle into daycare. On the first day she pushed her way out of her Dad's arms into her carer's waiting embrace. There were tears later. It seems she doen't miss us until we return. I've been told it gets better.

It's been a busy week. There has been no sewing. I am working on a list of things to do on a train. My next quilt along block will have to wait a few more days. When I get home I just want to hold my family close and so very tight.

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  1. Well done Amy! It is hard, I remember I cried most of the day on my first day back at work the first time round and then when I went back with no. 2 I burst into tears right in front of boss! But you are right it does get better and you and E. will get into a routine. The key is finding a happy medium that works for you and the family. Been thinking of you all week! xx

  2. It does get easier xx The first few weeks are the toughest. Once you get a rhythm its much easier and hurts less


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