Cherry Blossom Picnic

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Today we had a picnic at the Japanese Memorial Gardens. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom but all little e was interested in was finding the chickens.

It may seem strange that there is a Japanese Memorial in rural New Zealand. It turns out that this area has a checkered past. The garden is stunning at the moment, in a very peaceful way.

Climate wise, it is a fantastic place for real cherries too. Each tree was humming with some very busy bees. A friend of mine has a commercial cherry orchard about 1 km from here.

We stop here regularly, not for the cherries but because there are 4 tame hens lurking around, waiting for bread. Little e knows this, so she was off to find them the first chance she had.

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  1. Lots of spring pics on my blog reader today! Your blossom pics are lovely.... interesting article too, I never knew we had PoWs here, clearly my NZ history is a bit lacking!

  2. Beautiful photographs, looks like little E had a ball! xx

  3. The sight of blossoms like that just lifts the heart! Thanks for the history lesson too - just told my husband and he had no idea something like that occurred. Isn't it funny how quickly little ones make associations between places, people and things! x


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