What's in the Box This Time?

Monday, December 01, 2008

By the look of this jaunty fellow, you should be able to work just what is in the box. Our Christmas tree goes up tonight.

A friend mentioned that his kids find putting up the Christmas tree to be up there with Christmas day itself. I would have to agree.

I found this treasure at a local jumble sale. I have wanted on old school tinsel tree since seeing the one at Allsorts last year. This even has a little docket inside to show it was bought in Napier New World for the princely sum of $4.50. I have no idea of the year but I can only guess it was the eighties.

After a bit if thinking we are going to have to put this “Non-Tarnish Everlasting Christmas Tree” up high. Last year Little e had the wonder, this year she has the wonder and the ability to investigate. Just as well this tree fits on the side board.

Bring on the music and the mince pies and lets get this one out of the box.

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