The Blue Drawer or the Pink One?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

While I am not overly keen on knowing the gender of an unborn child, I would like to know what fabric to use for the next quilt. I'd love to be tucking into the pinks and yellows, but maybe, the blues and greens would be more appropriate?

Note: My Dearest is certain he wants to know, so it looks like we might have a split decision.

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  1. what a great recepticle for your fabric .. old library catalogues by the look.. as for finding out or not, pretty hard to find a compromise on that one, isn't it?

  2. I love the pinks and yellows....and your catalogue! I have one just like it actually! Picked it up in a silent auction at our local library last year for $50. It is in our lounge with the TV on top! Love it!! So nice to see someone else with one:)

  3. Did I miss an earlier post in which you announced your exciting news? Or are you just doing it subtlely? Either way, it is great news. Congratulations! I think I'd definitely want to find out the flavour just so I could get the sewing started as soon as possible...
    That cabinet looks just perfect for storing fabric.


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