Baby Boom and Stash Bust

Sunday, February 08, 2009

While I haven't been up to anything quilty this week I have still been working my way through the stash. I've been busy re-stocking the baby box and giving stash away.

With seven sets of friends expecting so far this year, it was the perfect time to get stuck into making bibs. Usually I'll make baby gowns for close friends, but they are of little use in the hot Wairarapa summer. I had bought the fabrics about at year ago specifically to set aside for bib making. As you can see, I'm very good at putting things off.

Random Selector Ready To Go

The stash busting went well too. There was a resounding response. 139 comments, I am impressed. This afternoon, as promised, I wound up the random number generator, fed her some marshmallows and she was off. The lucky winner was number 5 – Jelly Bean Soup. Ms Jelly Bean, the parcel will be on it's way to you soon. Thank you to everyone who entered. You've left me with a long list of new blogs to check out.

Random Selector Admiring Her Handiwork
(I am still having issues with blogger cropping the right off my photos, but you can see the whole picture in reader - grrr)

I'm not sure if giving stash away counts but for this week, it will have to. Here's the update for this week:

This week:

Stash Enhancement – 0.7m
Stash Used – 5.5 (well, 4 given away, 1.5 used)
New Fabric Used – 0 m


Stash Enhancement – 4.55 m Year to Date
Stash Used – 15.35m YTD
New Fabric Used – 3.65m YTD

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  1. how in the world do you keep up with your stash? I just don't know how one does that. It is cool though.

  2. Hello !! I visit your blog regularly , is very
    good . Hugs from Chile , Vero

  3. and I thought all the pregnant people here had something to do with the water! Love the random number generator-she's darling!


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