New Nappy Bag

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I finished my new nappy bag a few weeks ago and it has been my “going to work” bag ever since. I can throw all manner of things into it as I am rushing out the door at 6 am, knitting, a book and sometimes even lunch.

The inside is lined blue with burnt orange pockets. I'm still losing things in the pockets and vow that I will label them soon. At least the cell phone is one the outside.

The pattern is from the Amy Butler range. It's supposed to be a diaper bag and is all set to be in a few months.

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  1. Neat nappy look fantastic Amy! xx

  2. Love it! Bet you're looking forward to adding nappies to the items you throw in when you leave the house in the morning!

    Deborah at Webajeb

  3. you're glowing! when are you due? i'm due in May. Love the bag! Looks comfy on the arm and all!! Great fabric too!!!


  4. Id love to be preggie again!!! That bag is almost exactly the same one as I was given as a pressie from a friend who bought a homemade one in Aussie recently and I. Love. Mine!!! I have told my girls who steal all my makeup, bags , totes and girly things that this is, no questions asked, no ifs or buts mine!!
    Take care


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