I Love Ticking

Monday, October 26, 2009

I have a weakness for ticking. I love the way that a simple design can evoke such a feeling of nostalgia. Add some rick rack and I am completely over the moon. Now, both my daughters have ticking curtains.

There was rush to get them finished for the spare room, allowing E some time in her new room before the arrival of her sister. During the rush, I didn’t get the free time and a tidy room coinciding. In the mean time, E has moved from her little big bed into her bigger big bed. The house and garden moment appeared lost.

Until her first sleep over, that is. E had a friend staying on Friday night and so the big and little beds were out again. Both E and Miss H were able to help me (un) make the beds for the occasion.

So there we go, the ticking curtains, finally.

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  1. I love your ticking curtains too. Would you believe my red ticking curtains are still in my sewing pile? Less blogging, more sewing, that's what needs to happen at my house.


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