Getting Carried Away & Reminders

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I have been indulging in string piecing again. This time it was for Vintage Fern's block as part of the Stash busting bee. The aim was to make enough string fabric for a disappearing 9-patch block. As I got a little carried away, the remainder was framed up for a second block.

Some reminders also -

Louise of 20 Cent Mixture is hosting the NZ Christmas decoration swap again. Have a look over here for the details. I'm jumping in with both feet this year.

There is only a day left to enter the wonderbundle give away. Read here for more details

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  1. I LOVE those blocks!!! And some of those fabrics sure look familiar lol!!! Makes me so happy to see them being used :)

    And I wish I was still in NZ so I could be in the ornament swap - sounds like fun!!


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