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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Has it really been over a month since my last post?
Recently, I have been taking delight in small moments of peace. When E is out and Miss H is asleep, I get a few moments to myself. I used to rush around madly and trying to get everything done but now I just stop. The jug is boiled, coffee brewed, computer turned off and I get to choose a grown up cup to have my coffee from. It is nice to have those uninterrupted moments before I get into everything else. In a similar vein, I am going to take a moment to say thanks for some wonderful mail love before I send one out myself and get on with the crafting

Thank-you to the Anzac Bee ladies. My blocks have arrived and with the exception of two still to go, I am looking forward to laying them out at quilting on Tuesday night. They look amazing. You can take a peek above.

I have been lucky enough to win some giveaways. First up was a set of hand painted buttons from Steph. Deciding on a project based on the buttons is kind of like buying a Ferrari because someone gave you a wheel, but in this case it will be worth it. I am thinking natural linen cushions with an elegant button closure. That way they shouldn't go through the washing machine and can be easily rescued when the cushions are worn out.

Then there was the wonderbundle from Joanna. A parcel stuffed with the tidyings of her craft room – vibrant morsels of fabric, some great wool tweed, a frog and a magazine. There was even some park slope in there which has already been put to good use. I have never been so delighted to sort through the mail.

So here’s the giveaway – I will fill a wonderbundle and post it on. I know I can certainly lay my hands on felted wool jersey in many shades, liberty swatches from recycled clothing and maybe a magazine too. Most likely, I will do a little research and tailor the package to the recipient. Just leave a comment below and let me know the best thing to come through your mail box this year. I will leave this open for a week, before choosing a winner.

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  1. anne from finland26 October 2009 at 05:06

    I was watching many of your photos. They are so cute, especially your children under the cherry trees. It is dark, wet and cool here now and I miss sunshine, flowers and green fields! I would like to see Christchurch in spring time!

  2. I've had so many great things through the post this year, it's hard to choose a best one! Contenders would be the box from my US blogfriend packed with poetry books and fabric, the robot stamp that Frith from Craftykin sent me, and anything handwritten.

  3. I'm so happy you are enjoying your quiet time! The best thing that I've gotten in the mail this year were gorgeous hand-knit wool socks for my kids. But anything handmade or any kind of fabric makes me happy! Thanks for a great give-away.

  4. Best thing so far...a big box of 'hand me down' clothing for Sadie from a lovely lady called Donna ~ who I haven't met before ~ only emailed. How nice is that!

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  6. Yay Amy - you got it!! So relieved to know that the US postal service still works lol!! Glad you like the goodies too:) I wasn't planning on putting the wool pieces in there, then I looked through your blog archives and saw that you have done quite a bit with wool, so they got popped in:) I get them from this great wool store here in New Hampshire. I too love Park Slope:) You must show us what you made!

    So what good things have come in the post for me this year? What comes to mind is a little birthday package from my Mum in NZ with NZ themed fat quarters and Roses chocolates!! Such a wonderful piece of home:)

    (oops had to edit for a spelling mistake - hate it when I do that!!)

  7. Oh Goodie, I get to comment right after Joanna, my best girl. We met online 5 yrs ago and then in person this spring when she came for a week.Doesn't she send the best stuff? So the best thing I got this year in my box? This little Dell laptop that my Mom passed onto me. She switched to Apple, and kept messing up her pc. My brother fixed this all up, & it's the cutest little thing, fits easily in the Sue Spargo tote I made myself, fits anywhere, and keeps me in blogland.
    ~anna in md, right near DC, who's a slightly funky quilting mom to 7...

  8. Your children are so sweet and remind me of my four grandchildren who are still in that small, very very sweet stage of life. Your ticking curtains are so nice and I am a huge fan of rick rack too. I think I am torn between my favs in the postage, but I anticipate each order of fabric I receive. Its truly like Christmas for me.

  9. OH I love those ticking curtains...the best thing to come through the post this year would have to be a letter from my 17yr old daughter telling me how much she misses me while she is away with friends...


  10. Hard to pick the best thing I've had in the post this year. Maybe the Emily quilting bee blocks, maybe the stashes of Heather Ross fabric fom swaps? I love getting fabric in the post.

  11. Anything that isn't asking for money is good mail around here. My very pretty fabric I bought on etsy to make a skirt as an incentive to lose weight is tops though.
    There is nothing like swithcing off the computer for actually being able to get things done. I wish I could manage it!

  12. The best thing in my mail thus far this year, was actually my last two packages. A beautiful custom handmade silver necklace, and the other was a box of books from my mum that I had been struggling to find, there was also some amazingly useful caramel apple wraps that were so easy to use for my kids Halloween Party yesterday.


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