Saturday, October 31, 2009

Getting Carried Away & Reminders

I have been indulging in string piecing again. This time it was for Vintage Fern's block as part of the Stash busting bee. The aim was to make enough string fabric for a disappearing 9-patch block. As I got a little carried away, the remainder was framed up for a second block.

Some reminders also -

Louise of 20 Cent Mixture is hosting the NZ Christmas decoration swap again. Have a look over here for the details. I'm jumping in with both feet this year.

There is only a day left to enter the wonderbundle give away. Read here for more details

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Not So Bad, Bad Day

I have a habit of planning to do far more in a day than I possibly could. Some days start out in an impossible rush and fizzle into a reality by morning tea time. Thursday, two weeks ago, was one of those days, but it was not so bad.

I was planning to drop E off at crèche, drive up to the next town to get some fabric and make it back in time to get to a mother’s group an hour later. E was stalling, my bags weren’t packed for town and we were even late getting to crèche.

On the way home I noticed the car making a funny noise. It appeared to go away when I slowed a little. I got myself together and cruised slowly to the Mother’s group. I had a chance to stop, sit, catch my breath, adore my child and admire a few others.

Noticing the noise at 60 km, I returned even slower and made a detour to the garage. We went for a bit of a test drive. There was no noise at 60. I was beginning to wonder if I had imagined it. When we got to 70 the noise started up again and got worse. The mechanic decided that it must be the CV about to go so we slowed and turned to go back. The noise got even worse and then there was a crunch.

Yes, it was the CV. No, the cell phone wasn’t in the car. Yes the baby was in the back seat. It all sounds pretty bad, but it wasn’t.

The mechanic pulled out his cell phone and called the apprentice. Miss H cooed contentedly in the back seat and we were towed back to the garage. I have never been so delighted to break down. I could have been on my mad fabric dash, no phone, between towns with a distraught Miss H. The Mechanic was surprised too. He had never actually heard a CV go before.

The garage was wonderful and had my car back to me the next day in one piece. Service like that deserves a chocolate cake. All up it was a not so bad, bad day.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Love Ticking

I have a weakness for ticking. I love the way that a simple design can evoke such a feeling of nostalgia. Add some rick rack and I am completely over the moon. Now, both my daughters have ticking curtains.

There was rush to get them finished for the spare room, allowing E some time in her new room before the arrival of her sister. During the rush, I didn’t get the free time and a tidy room coinciding. In the mean time, E has moved from her little big bed into her bigger big bed. The house and garden moment appeared lost.

Until her first sleep over, that is. E had a friend staying on Friday night and so the big and little beds were out again. Both E and Miss H were able to help me (un) make the beds for the occasion.

So there we go, the ticking curtains, finally.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wonderbundle Giveaway

Has it really been over a month since my last post?
Recently, I have been taking delight in small moments of peace. When E is out and Miss H is asleep, I get a few moments to myself. I used to rush around madly and trying to get everything done but now I just stop. The jug is boiled, coffee brewed, computer turned off and I get to choose a grown up cup to have my coffee from. It is nice to have those uninterrupted moments before I get into everything else. In a similar vein, I am going to take a moment to say thanks for some wonderful mail love before I send one out myself and get on with the crafting

Thank-you to the Anzac Bee ladies. My blocks have arrived and with the exception of two still to go, I am looking forward to laying them out at quilting on Tuesday night. They look amazing. You can take a peek above.

I have been lucky enough to win some giveaways. First up was a set of hand painted buttons from Steph. Deciding on a project based on the buttons is kind of like buying a Ferrari because someone gave you a wheel, but in this case it will be worth it. I am thinking natural linen cushions with an elegant button closure. That way they shouldn't go through the washing machine and can be easily rescued when the cushions are worn out.

Then there was the wonderbundle from Joanna. A parcel stuffed with the tidyings of her craft room – vibrant morsels of fabric, some great wool tweed, a frog and a magazine. There was even some park slope in there which has already been put to good use. I have never been so delighted to sort through the mail.

So here’s the giveaway – I will fill a wonderbundle and post it on. I know I can certainly lay my hands on felted wool jersey in many shades, liberty swatches from recycled clothing and maybe a magazine too. Most likely, I will do a little research and tailor the package to the recipient. Just leave a comment below and let me know the best thing to come through your mail box this year. I will leave this open for a week, before choosing a winner.