Graffiti Knitting is Go

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New and Strange flowers in Stella Bull Park

If you are any where near Greytown come and see our knitting. There is a whole Graffiti Knitting Trail. We are dashing around with various knitting resuscitation packs for rain bedraggled woollens. I have some reserve bees to join the buzz tomorrow and I even have some quilts in the garden tour.

Thank-You to everyone who has sent in the bumble bees and birds. I arrived home to day to find another package of them secreted behind a door.

Even hanging them has become an adventure. The weather has been challenging. While standing up a ladder, in the pouring rain, juggling bees, Big E has referred to it as the craziest sisterly thing we have done so far.

Some indication of the weather we are up against

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