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Saturday, January 23, 2010

I have a pile of craft books, a veritable collection. So many of them I pour over and think that one day.. Today just might be that day, or maybe that month.

These beautiful bloomers are taken from Emma Hardy's “Making Children’s Clothes”. I managed to finish then a few days ago. Rebekah has challenged us to finally tackle at least one of those projects that has been sitting, hidden in a book, this month. You read more about it here, but for now I’m eyeing up another pattern. Hot pink bubble skirts any one?

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  1. Emma Hardy... you've had me googling her all morning. What a great collection of books she has published! The bloomers are so sweet.

  2. Hooray for hot pink bubble skirts! I saw some bubble skirts in Walmart the other day and I was a little bit excited. I fear I may be too old for them this time around though. :(

    I love the fabric you used for this project.

  3. so darling! I love the fabric that you used! Thanks for joining in the challenge


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