The Twelfth Night - Taking Down the Tree

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Christmas Tree came down today in celebration of the twelfth day. I played the Christmas albums one last time before they too went away. Sometimes it is just as nice to celebrate the passing of Christmas, as it is the arrival of Christmas. I think we should do it more often.

We’ve had a lovely Christmas with family at both ends of the island. The camera was misplaced on the day and as a consequence, the day was spent very much in the moment. The photos above are from our Pre-Christmas feast.

A ginger bread house that actually worked and baking with grandma. You can also spot Little E trying to eat the dough off her hands. While it’s not strictly traditional, Christmas isn’t quite Christmas without a festive coloured lobster to start the meal. Can you tell I come from a family of fishermen?

Taking down the tree can have its traditions too; from the Galette du Rois with crowns and charms celebrating the epiphany in France, to reducing the tree to just a whisk shaped branch to use for the next year in Switzerland.

This year it was a vineyard lunch with friends. Who knows, I might even try to make the Galette, a week late, for some guests too.

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