What’s In the Bag? A Give-Away

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It’s been a big week in our house. My dearest bundled our little ones into the car each morning, Miss H started daycare, Little E saw a bit more daycare and I returned to work.

There were lists of things to do before the return to work. Some of them were more fanciful than others. I must have completed the important tasks, because we are still here and in one piece. Though, I might need your help on just one small thing...I don’t know what to put in my bag. There is space for something crafty in my vintage bowling bag and I’m looking for inspiration.

Here’s the give-away. At the end of a week, I’ll be giving away this thrifted Work Bag (craft work, that is) and hunt out some wonders to fill it with. Please tell me what to put in the going to work bag. It needs to be relatively small, hand work, and suitable for a train trip. I know there are power points at each seat but I don’t think my fellow passengers or my fingertips, would appreciate me wielding a hot glue gun. This week I was content with my book, but next week I’m aiming higher. Give it some thought and let me know.

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  1. How about some hand pieced hexagon to work on, small, portable and time consuming :-)

  2. I was thinking the same thing... I have a little tin that I keep in my bag and in the tin is a small pair of scissors, a reel of thread, a tiny needle book and pieces of whatever brooch I'm working on. Over the summer it held lots of hexagons and at the moment it's full of woollen fabrics cut into flower petals.

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  4. I've been making little socks and cardis lately, easily portable. Then I plan to move onto crochet squares for a bit ...

  5. Piecing hexagons was my first thought, also.

    I think if I had a daily train commute I would try to get a jump on some Christmas crafting or gift making. I would probably start with something for my husband since it would be an easy way to keep a project secret. No real idea what to make though since I don't yet know how to crochet or knit. (But you do, don't you?) Is the train ride smooth enough to work on a stitching project like cross-stitch or embroidery?

  6. What about redwork (or blue, or whatevery your favourite colour is)... easy cos you don't have to carry lots of thread.

    Or maybe you buy some lovely wool from JOY in Greytown, and if you don't fancy knitting socks, a scarf would be a nice project.

    Hope settling back into work goes smoothly.


  7. Missed out on the giveaway but I would probably have gone with hexagons too!!! Hope that being back at work is good - of course it will be better now you have some fancy handwork in your lovely bag! x

  8. Oh yes hexagons would be perfect. I worked with a woman whp was making a quilt and in 18 months she had not got 1/4 done so you' have plnty of time until it got too big ;)

  9. oh wow that is identical to one my Great Grandmother had! My Mum now has it for her knitting, which she still has projects to finish that she started for my sister - she's almost 20!

    love your bowling bag!


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