Things You Didn't Know About Pirates

Monday, June 14, 2010

We have had the pleasure of regular visits from a pirate. I’m learning new things about this pirate so I thought I should share:

This one is a friendly pirate

Pirates like dancing to Hip Hop (especially Swing by Savage).

Pirates dance better when wearing skirt.

Pirates are good at keeping their boats tidy (little girls often aren’t).

Pirates carry suitcases (the one we met at the library did, so this one does too)

They growl “Yo Ho Ho Bottle of Rum” when excited, or just “Bottle of Rum” when angry (I blame the library pirate for that one too. I’ve looked and still can’t find any bottles around here).

Pirates do not like to stay still (especially when you are holding camera and asking nicely)

The pirate costume is a result of a mum who is not keen on skulls and remembering, with an hour to spare, that the pirate party required dressing up. E has loved it ever since.

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  1. Love your rather special little pirate!!!! Maia is actually all into skull and crossbones at the moment too ..... x

  2. what a cute costume. The embroidery is adorable!

  3. Pirates are definitely the go in our house. Pirates who ride in rockets, and have a kakapo on their shoulder, and carry a cutlass that's actually a cutdown broom handle. I like your TIDY pirate, think I might introduce that here ...


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