Thrifted Intentions

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I thrift with the best of intentions. Sometimes things don’t quite end up where I meant them to go.

I will trawl through the winter coats looking for something for my sister in the wintery south. When I saw this beauty I had every intention of giving it to my sister. I suggested this to the woman behind the counter.

“It looks good on you. You’ll keep it” she says knowingly. She sees me in there twice a week. That's more than I see my sister, so knowingly is a very apt term. As that is me in the photos, I would say she was right.

Then there are the girl’s annuals. I adore the cheery covers and vintage colours. I had every intention of framing up the covers as seen here.

However, when the leg fell off my favourite chair, the books were handy indeed. It’s the sort of book abuse that used to make me cringe, but then so does ripping off the covers and right now these books are proving very useful.

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  1. too right- you keep that for yourself!

    I love the curved welts on that princess line - what an unusual touch but so right for all the lines on that coat. Great design.

  2. The coat is awesome and I do believe I would have to keep it for myself. My sister would have to get something else. :)

  3. Okay, first it was the yellow formica table, then the pooleware and the ticking curtains. Now it is my very happy duty to inform you that my favourite winter coat is my Dunedin coat- a deep turquoise wool and angora coat with a brown fur collar.
    I think I will have to send you a photo of it.

  4. I buy stuff for people all the time and end up keeping it! I love the colour of the coat.


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