Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Three is a Magic Number

We are discovering that three is a magic number around here. It was ushered in with friends, dress ups and mermaid cakes. They were so busy peddling up and down our driveway in the sun, they mostly forgot to eat the party food.

Little E is very proud of being three. She sees it as a stepping stone to the panacea of being 5. She will tell you “My turning 5 soon” at the drop of a hat.

Please, not too soon my dear, as I am loving you just the way you are.

So Very Literal

While looking in the fridge for pickles, E found the pesto. I foolishly suggested that it tasted like grass and E wouldn’t like it. In a bit to prove me wrong she tasted it and insisted that “Mmm I do like it Mummy”.

I didn’t think much more of if it. We proceeded to have our cheese and crackers in the sun.

And then I saw this:

Of course it makes sense, pesto tastes nice, pesto tastes like grass, ergo grass crackers must taste even better. My child is very literal.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thrifted Intentions

I thrift with the best of intentions. Sometimes things don’t quite end up where I meant them to go.

I will trawl through the winter coats looking for something for my sister in the wintery south. When I saw this beauty I had every intention of giving it to my sister. I suggested this to the woman behind the counter.

“It looks good on you. You’ll keep it” she says knowingly. She sees me in there twice a week. That's more than I see my sister, so knowingly is a very apt term. As that is me in the photos, I would say she was right.

Then there are the girl’s annuals. I adore the cheery covers and vintage colours. I had every intention of framing up the covers as seen here.

However, when the leg fell off my favourite chair, the books were handy indeed. It’s the sort of book abuse that used to make me cringe, but then so does ripping off the covers and right now these books are proving very useful.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Things You Didn't Know About Pirates

We have had the pleasure of regular visits from a pirate. I’m learning new things about this pirate so I thought I should share:

This one is a friendly pirate

Pirates like dancing to Hip Hop (especially Swing by Savage).

Pirates dance better when wearing skirt.

Pirates are good at keeping their boats tidy (little girls often aren’t).

Pirates carry suitcases (the one we met at the library did, so this one does too)

They growl “Yo Ho Ho Bottle of Rum” when excited, or just “Bottle of Rum” when angry (I blame the library pirate for that one too. I’ve looked and still can’t find any bottles around here).

Pirates do not like to stay still (especially when you are holding camera and asking nicely)

The pirate costume is a result of a mum who is not keen on skulls and remembering, with an hour to spare, that the pirate party required dressing up. E has loved it ever since.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Buttons and Blogs

The give-away fairy has been good to me, but that’s not all. It was give away day at Sew Mama Sew a few weeks back. This time the participants were listed by international and local posting. There was no more “wow, that’s really cool but oh, they don’t post overseas” as is often the case at this edge of the world. What was even better, was being able to go through the lists and see all the blogs that are based close to home. I was stoked to find the following local and new to me blogs:

Cat Taylor Design
Sew Funky
The Sewing Attic
Remaquable Junque
A Little Bit of Everything
Far Side of the World
Grow Mama
Make It, Give It
Seaside Sibblings
Simple Pleasures

These beautiful buttons came to me from Rhiannon at Remarquable Junque, where I was lucky enough to win her giveaway. The bundle came complete with pens, paper, basket and some very handy pegs. Little E has claimed these for herself and I have been slowly working my way through the fudge.

Have a look through the lists here – you might even find someone on your very own doorstep.