The Wedding Quilt Revealed

Friday, July 13, 2012

The wedding quilt is finished.  It was carefully handed to my new Sister in Law earlier this week.  Now I can share it without ruining any surprises.

The colors have been been chosen to match their house.  The pattern is an eccentric square in square.  the first few blocks were built around the black and white centres.  I grew attached to the optical push/pull of the floating black squares and so they stayed. They remind me a little of Bridget Riley's vector field paintings.

Now a wedding quilt is not a wedding quilt with out some personal touches and so here we have the back.  The blocks were signed between the engagement party and the wedding. They were slowly pieced together in the months following.  It was a privilege to read through all the names and messages.  Though, my favorite would have to be the last one.

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  1. What a gorgeous quilt - you were talking about it when we met for coffee in Auckland - so now it's finished - and I'm sure it will have a very special space in their hearts and in their home.

  2. I love that pattern, and those colours - dramatic and gorgeous. Clever clogs.

  3. Wow, it looks amazing, and what an heirloom!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful. They would have been so delighted to receive such a wonderful gift and beautifully personalised on the back, what a wonderful idea! How inspiring.

  5. Wow, beautiful quilt! I love the personal messages on the back.


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