Building Boxes - Crafting With Hammer and Nail

Thursday, July 05, 2012

  Call me optimistic, but sometimes I like to believe that I am just one sorting system away from a tidy house.  In truth, I am one sorting system and a whole life makeover away from a tidy house.  For a brief moment this looks like it will work - a box for each child to carry to their room and one especially for the library books.

Given my weakness for wooden boxes, I couldn't pass up the chance to make some of my own.  These boxes are based on the old soda crates we have them dotted around the house as bedside tables and bathroom stools. 

The making was a group effort with each piece painted before assembling.  While the red and purple does look rather fetching, it takes a lot to wash it off.  The girls helped me to measure out the plank spacings, before I retreated to the safety of a secluded garage to get everything finished.  The side planks are a quite this so predrilling really helps to stop the wood splitting, and if course I felt the need to upsize the nails.

If you are looking to make your own you can get the kitsets from The Plyguy.   The paints are Resene Water Borne Colourwood.  As it takes just over one test pot to paint a box, I'd recommend getting 1/2 L of Rocksalt (the blonding colour) and  using some of it to bulk out test pots as needed.

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