Pink Milo and Printed Glasses

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I've been slowly adding to the collection of printed glasses in our cupboards.  It started with the strange yellow giraffes you can see in the background.  then there was diamonds, bamboo leaves and yachts.  this week the little red glass joined the collection.  If I look carefully I can just make out the word "konini"* for the little red flowers above.

My grandmother used to have glasses like this for when we visited.  I found that by refusing to eat boiled carrots, I had my own glass of raw carrots with dinner too.  Like much in the way of thrifting, collecting the glasses is a way of channelling a nostalgia for my own childhood.  I delight in the fact that my kids use them everyday.  Taking photos of the glasses together gives me a chance to introduce another form of nostalgia - Quik, or as my kids like to think of it, Pink Milo.

* NZ's native fuschia, otherwise known as Kotukutuku.
** I'm linking up with Flea Market Finds over at Her Library Adventures where it looks like everyone is finding retro glasses this week.

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