Dreaming About all the Tea in China

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm getting wrapped up in organising a High Tea.  I'm loving the combination of gorgeous embroidered linen, beloved china and sumptuous baking. I felt we needed a logo and came up with this bit of stitching.

Before I wander off to dream about little cakes, what would your perfect High Tea include? Is it club sandwiches and macaroons, or scones and cream.  Tea cosies on the table or silver teapots? What would tempt you? Let me know. as the menu is still in the making.

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  1. loving your tea cup picture - so clever!

  2. Club sandwiches
    Tea Cosy
    Pretty Plates
    ooohhh I do love a cuppa tea

  3. Definitely petit fours!

  4. That is gorgeous!!!! What machine do you use to do this? Thank you from Brazil!!

    1. I use an Elna 3007. Its about 15 years old now. To get this effect I dropped the feed dogs and stabilized the base fabric.
      I've used a stretch fabric stabiliser. I find it gives a good work surface but still allows a softer drape.

  5. I love your logo - with tea cups - fine staggered china!


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