Yes, Yet Another China Cabinet

Sunday, August 05, 2012

In a home where every cupboard is brimming with china, every cabinet is a China cabinet.  I could wax lyrical about cocktails, shakers and flashy glasses but at the end of the day what I'd love to sit back with is a cup of tea. 

This little cabinet made its way into our home a few weeks ago.  There's very little chance of it ever being a cocktail cabinet again. The end cupboard is just right for the DVD's and a little safer now that the drinks tray is disabled.

My dearest beat me to it and started to fill it with books. Miss H was a very willing accomplice.  As I shuffled the cabinet around, moving books and arranging china, she stood by, arms folded and frowning - "Dad said only BOOKS". While there is still a little space in there for books, he will have to be quick.

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