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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I thought I knew my mother's sewing stash inside and out.  It turns out I was wrong.  When mum saw the winter coat that I made earlier this season, she mentioned something about pink tweed.  My mother doesn't wear pink tweed, never has, probably never will.  On the other hand, Great Aunt Evelyn would have worn pink tweed.  She would have worn it with a flourish.

Mum passed me a scant metre of the pink tweed she has secreted away from my Great Aunt's collection of fabrics.  After some redrafting, a ruched collar and a very Jackie O 3/4 sleeve, this jacket was ready to go.

Some might call the shorter sleeves thrifty.  Perhaps a cuff would have helped to make this look a little more deliberate.  As the blossoms are on the trees at the moment, I'm calling it inter-seasonal.

Miss H picked the purplish buttons out of my button tin. The lining is a pink and purple watercolour print satin from the same Great Aunt.  While you can't see it in these photos, given that I have 5 metres of it, I'm sure it will make another appearance at some point.  I love that this coat is made entirely from carefully saved items that have been waiting patiently to find their use.

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  1. its gorgeous! and you're so clever adopting the interseasonal approach :-) My mum has the same coat pattern - so cute!

  2. Goodness, the same coat. I picked this one up at a churchfair. The pieces had already been cut, which I figure is a good sign of a beloved pattern.

  3. Very very cute and some nice stripe matching there too Amy - I do love to see vintage fabric fulfill its destiny.

    1. Thanks Mary, The stripes drove me a little nutty. If you look really closely there is a very 80's black and white thread through the middle of the plaid. I tried to match it up, but alas not enough fabric.

  4. Love, love the jacket and your daughter looks gorgeous in it! I love the use of loved, stashed fabrics as well!

  5. that is beautiful!! and very very clever!

  6. Cute Cute Cute
    Just plain


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