Abraham, Roses and Me

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am totally enamored with a two year old called Abraham.  He's a rose.  My husband gave me this rose for my birthday last year.  It's called Abraham Darby and finally has enough flowers for me to cut swathes and bring them inside. 

As I get to grips with gardening, I am discovering why standard roses are desirable - easy to weed around.  Perhaps this should have been planted closer to the wall - again, easier to weed around.  Though, I am loving the sneaky iris stems that make their way through the rose bush and the aquilegias that pop up everywhere.  It looks like I have a lot to learn.

Floral arrangement is not one of my talents.  I live by the simple Martha Stewart ethos - 50 of anything will look stunning.  One day we might even have enough roses to get 50 of something, for now I'm just pleased to have enough to bring inside.

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  1. Stunning! Im after a pink cutting rose of a decent size specifically to fill a couple of blue glass mason jars i've got-must ask after that one at the rose centre. What a romantic gift x

  2. Ooooh I like that - 50 of anything rule! I'll have to share it with my mum - she'll love it. And your rose is utterly gorgeous - I love how thickly it is petalled. I'm sure there's a rosy term for that :-) One of my uncles apprenticed himself to the rose pruner at the public rose garden in New Farm, Brisbane. He now teaches pruning and showed mum how to do hers in autumn - they are now the most exquisite shapes and so thickly blossomed. But yours still win for those petals. One day ...

  3. Beautiful! I have Peonies in my kitchen at the moment and they make me feel better; no matter how messy the place is!

  4. Ah swoon my favourite rose. I have had these in two different gardens and they have done well. Thrived in spite of total neglect!! I just bought Mary Rose the other day, I think I'll have to order Abraham to go with her. A marriage made in heaven I think



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