New dress and a curious sheep

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

There were suspicious noises and curious noises when we tried to get some photos of my new dress.  The friendly sheep were sneaking up on me.  They are not even my sheep.

The empty section next door is hos to a range of animals that come and go as the neighbors try to keep the grass down.  The sheep are usually content to follow us along the fence line.  Sometimes they will even try to stare down unusual visitors - from the safety of the other side of the fence of course.

However, today they had other ideas.  This one wants to be a model and write her own pattern reviews.  I am imagining something along the lines of "... romney wool vest with interseasonal adjustments, fits well, rather flattering on the more rotund sheep, looking forward to getting into the summer length sometime soon..."

For more about the dress, the pattern review is over here.

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