Blue China & Winter Roses

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I love the out of season inspiration of northern hemisphere blogs.  As sewers start to show off their winter wardrobes, I start to weave my dream projects.  So few of them happen but it is nice to dream.  However, garden blogs are where the 6 month difference is incredibly inspirational.  So often, just as their flowers are coming out in the northern hemisphere, it is time to prepare and plant here.

I have been admiring the winter roses over at Saipua. They seem to be the perfect plant for the beginning of spring.  I can imagine them in strange blooms from below the straggly bare hydrangeas come spring time.

I even found some china ones at a school gala on the weekend.  They were hidden at the back of a stall, still wrapped in newspaper.  I offered to help unwrap only to find this beautiful Crown Lynn set - cups, sugar bowl and 2 coordinating jugs.  The little winter rose pattern is called "Saphire" and it has me thinking it is time to plant some real ones.

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  1. such beautiful treasures u found.yes, i find the northen/southern hemisphere blogging experience quite lovely too .... seeing whats happening in the gardens,kitchens and creative minds of those on the other side of the world and living with the opposite seasons to ourselves reminds me if what a lovely and big world we all live in!

  2. Gorgeous china - beautiful shades.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. You lucky lady finding such beauties as these.
    It feels like spring is never going to start her in ireland. One day of bright sunny weather is then followed by dark, cold, windy days. But it must end sometime....soon I hope.

  4. Love your new china finds. Such fresh and pretty design and color. Yes, we are enjoying the breathless promise of Spring here, looking forward to the warmth and flower of Summer.

  5. gorgeous find! i was thinking about winter roses only today as our flower beds go for a really long time, but not into the dead of winter. i must look up and see if winter roses really will bloom in winter and stick a few in. i agree with you re enjoying the northern hemisphere out of season blogging, it even helped me remember UK mothers day this year, on time for a change! hope your having a lovely easter break x


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