Lettera 32 - Have typewriter, will travel

Monday, March 18, 2013

Once upon a time, a typwriter meant independence.  A portable typewriter meant travel.

I saw this gem at a garage sale.  Normally I would have snapped it up and just marveled at it.  This typewriter however, has a story.  It belonged to a lady called Fay.

Last week Fay handed me a package that she had been looking for.  It was the spare typewriter ribbon.  I asked if it was OK to tell the story of her typewriter.   She said yes.

I've know Fay for years.  She is a quiet, thoughtful and prayerful woman.  Fay traveled the world as a missionary and this is the typewriter she took with her.

She bought it in Singapore in 1965 as she headed to East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) to serve with the Baptist Christian Missionary Service.

I love the design of this duck egg blue typewriter. So slick and compact with no excesses.  Why waste space with a number '1' when and 'I' will do just as well.  It was designed by Marcello Nizzoli and first produced in 1963.  The marketing campaign was just as appealing.

As well as the design, I love the idea of the most no fuss lady I know, deciding that this was the typewriter for her.

This little olivetti has me dreaming of little letters left on thick yellow cards and long typed essays.  I think, given the choice, I would have chosen this one too.

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  1. I love it when you know the story behind something so special! Lucky you, getting to carry on a piece of history.

  2. What an interesting story! I recently bought a vintage portable Smith-Corona, and I wish I knew if it had a story. Although, it is almost as fun dreaming up a story for it.

  3. love it.....and the fact that u know its story...even better!

    mezz (aka mezz makes stuff)

  4. its a stylish looking thing, very mod. i kinda miss using a typewriter, the finger stretching and the satisfying tap, tap, tap. enjoy it x


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