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Monday, August 12, 2013

I adore vintage educational aides.  There is even a word for it.

Realia - Tools used to connect learners with the focal point of a lesson.

Sometimes the very patina and tone teaches just as much about a time as it's subject.   I would guess that the europe at a glance is sometime before WW2 as many of the former eastern communist block countries are still listed as kingdoms and because I googled the population of Sweden.  I like the very tactile way you can spin between countries.

Then there are the sights and sound cards below.  These cards are box 1 & 2, made by Phillip and Tacey.  The look like just the sort of thing I would have learnt to read with.  I'm wondering if the men are supposed to be rakishly good looking or perhaps some feminist is playing a joke by putting then in the same pack with that fine example of a pig.

Phillip & Tacey are still making realia today.  I hope they have managed to keep up both their stylish  colour schemes and sense of humour.

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  1. ooh, these are seriously cool!
    Realia (love a new word, can't wait to use it out loud) is exactly the kind of thing i swoop on too when i see it.
    And "shew" data? i can imagine that said out loud, it's a very RP (queen's english) pronunciation, but I've never seen it written down as such before. that probably helps date it too!

  2. I always snap up vintage educational stuff too...sadly I always love it more than my kids do...they are technology obsessed! Al x

  3. The Europe at a Glance is amazing. I've never seen anything like that. My boys would enjoy something like that.

  4. Great tool. Especially the map. Must be a lot of fun learning by them.



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