Signs of Spring Ahead

Saturday, August 03, 2013

There are little signs of an impending spring.  Some of the signs are quite literal.  I asked E to make a label for the dark box holding our bulb glass.  I think she did pretty well - as you can see the box holds a bolb, glas and wota.  There is nothing like children's spelling to to remind you of how your accent really sounds.

Other signs of spring are little sprigs of daphne spotted around the house.  My bedside table is also holding my two new thrifted books - Rupert Brooks and Strange Meetings.  It's funny that I should find them both within a week of each other.  One, poems sprinkled with wonderful woodcut illustrations and the other, telling the stories of the war poets themselves.  The poets have me wondering if it is time to make some more of poet-tea cups.

 I have also been looking up the illustrator - Buckland-Wright.   It turns out he fought in the WW1 as well and is equally legendary as an illustrator in his own right.

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  1. there are not nearly enough poetry tea cups in the world in my opinion. a little "i wandered lonely as a cloud..." teacup would be just the ticket for spring x


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