The Hanami Dress

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I was delighted to have a chance to try out the new Hanami pattern from StraightGrain.  

The name Hanami means flower watching, which is something we make a tradition of around here.  Every spring, near the end of September, we have a Hanami picnic at the local memorial gardens.  This involves frolicking, cups of tea, biscuits and sitting under abundant cherry blossoms.  The colours of our picnic teaset managed to make their way into the Hanami dress too.

The Hanami pattern was a breeze to follow with the most sublime lined finished.  E can be seen here in the top with the cross over back variation.  Little tops are brilliant for this independent 6 year old who has just discovered jeans and leggings and prefers them to a dress any day.  I have used a D S Quilts print for the top and the little flutter sleeves give a hint of the white cotton lawn lining.  I would sew this pattern again in a heartbeat.

You can get your own copy of the pattern from the StraightGrain shop or just follow An and her amazing Belgian sewing creations over here.

All this leaves me counting down to this year's Hanami Picnic and wondering if we all need need new outfit for the occasion.

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  1. she's all ready for that picnic! I love this version!

  2. This is such a lovely top, Amy! Your daughter looks super cute. Thank you so much for all your help with testing the pattern!

  3. The dress is gorgeous and I like the idea of something so pretty teamed up with leggings. The cups are totally awesome too.

  4. Adorable dress! I love the tea set too!

  5. How very cute! I love the blog world. Here I am mourning the demise of summer in my world, but I can tune in with yours and you offer the beautiful blossoming trees of Spring, and a little girl in her new pretty dress!


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