Baking up a Storm

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

One day I will concoct a dish that uses as many vintage utensils as I can find.  These two followed me home from the church fair.  This little grater was fantastic for grating hard cheddar for over our spaghetti*.  As for the baking molds, I have no idea.  They are not the little shells for madeleines or log like ginger gems.  It appears there are still novelty pastries out there for me to discover.

*The kids were stoked to use the grater, but rather disgusted when they tasted the strong cheese - I wish I had taken a photo to record the foul look I got.

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  1. You always find much more interesting things than I do at the opshop! I have no idea what that baking dish is for, but I think you can also use that grater for making finely mashed potatoes.

  2. I immediately thought of yorkshire puddings, but any baking pan makes me think of yorkshire puddings!

  3. I have fond memories of grating a pile of crayons through my mum's mouli onto the carpet when I was young - she was somewhat distracted feeding my baby sister. I have a new sympathy for the careful vacuuming that would have been required to clean up that mess now.


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