Under Glass - Thifted Sparkles

Monday, December 02, 2013

The strangest things rise to the surface when parents start clearing out spaces.  I spied a pair of these glass domes on a shelf in Dad's garage.  At first he though they might be old valve domes, but closer inspection and splashes of white paint suggest they were outdoor light bulb covers.  With $2 of thrifted decorations,  they look grand. 

The kids are latching on to the idea of treasures under domes.  I found a little match box house hiding under a crystal glass (you can see it if you squint).  I just couldn't resist playing with lego trees and a sugar bowl.

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  1. Great way to use the glasses. I especially like your lego tree standing in the (sugar) snow. Playing is fun :-)


  2. i love these! especially the salt-snow one, make me want to go snowboarding!


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