Fantail on my couch

Friday, January 03, 2014

For a brief moment there was a fantail on my couch. I meet up with friends every Monday to sew.  They keep me sane.  Every year we have a Christmas swap and this year it was cushions.  This little chap only just made it to the party.  I was stitching until the minute I left the house.

He's now sitting on the couch at this lovely friend's place. 

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  1. LOVE your fantail and LOVE the fact you have a Monday group .. .. .. I have a Friday night group of friends that hook together and we are going to attempt a day time get together this year once the kids are back at school.

  2. I adore fantails - this is just beautiful.

  3. This is truly lovely!! I have a Friday morning group - been missing them over the school holidays :(


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