Sorting a Rainbow

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I am gradually reclaiming my sewing space.  It had been taken over by marauding artists and overpriced pop up shops. Six year olds can be very tenacious shop keepers. Consider the shot of my cotton to be a sample of the general mayhem that had taken over.

I'm getting down to making winter coats and started with trying to find the right blue thread. There had to be one in there somewhere.  And so, the sorting began.

To be unusually pedantic, I like any top stitching thread to match as closely as possible. I also have had too many Saturday afternoon ruined by running out of thread that I always buy two of the colour I'm using, just to be sure.  And that is how I justify having an awful lot of thread. 

This is how the cotton was shaping up after 15 minutes.  Double ups are on the outside -yes that really is 4+1 of the same shade of dark purple.
All the coloured loveliness, back into the drawer...

And of course the blue thread ready for my next project.  Sometimes, it really doesn't take much to keep me happy.

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  1. Brilliant sorting. But tell me, where did the yellows end up?

    1. They are tucked underneath the oranges. Very carefully hidden.

  2. Now that is an impressive collection of thread. Mine is waaaay more random in the variety of colors, brands, spools of all sizes colors and materials. I suppose you are finding quilting inspiration in the sorting process, viewing and handling all those pretty colors?


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