Attacking the To Do List

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My sewing space has been taunting me. There are so many projects lined up across the couch that I’ve forgotten when I was last able to sit on it. I have even indulged in offsite storage. My Mother’s spare room is overflowing with boxes of fabric I have run out of room for. Recently, she has threatened to spring clean. It was when she mentioned making a pyre that I knew it was time act.

Sometimes I have no idea where to start. My inner geek is wondering if I should be making a spreadsheet of costs incurred, cost to complete and time to complete before checking the important criteria - desire to complete. There are the children’s skivvies cut and ready to sew for winter wardrobes, the reclaimed tapestries waiting to be loved again and numerous unfinished projects. Then there are bounteous piles of fabric pulled from my collection simply because I have an idea. My inner geek wants to get them sorted, my bossier hoarder is resisting for fear that this means I have to give up on something.

In the mean time I am casting around for projects that I have started and already have all the materials needed to finish. This sampler cushion meets that bill.

The sampler pattern is from Jenny Hart’s Embroidered Effects. It was started earlier this year. The log cabin blocks are part of a wonder bundle from Joanna and I received the embroidered buttons are from Lorna in our swap earlier this year. Everything else I just had on hand – a cushion inner with a dated cover, half a metre of cotton duck (thrifted) to stabilise the pieces and a meagre fat quarter of blue hazelnut fabric.

It turns out my Mother was talking about making a pile rather than a pyre. My mental image of forlorn projects throwing themselves on a burning heap has been dashed. While the urgency is gone, I still need to get some things sorted. The spreadsheet is starting to sound almost reasonable*.

If you listening carefully you can hear my dearest chuckling in the background and mumbling something along the lines of "You SO would do a spreadsheet"

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  1. Oh so lovely! The embroidery is beautiful - I have that book too - isn't it marvellous. I love how you've done the back - I'm dreadfully lazy and never go to any effort but you've made it up beautifully. Very very nice. And inspiring - maybe I should cast about my piles for a Thursday activity :-) p.s. hope you've got the skivies cut big enough for next winter ;-)

  2. I'm totally in love with this cushion!
    And yes I know about lots of UFO or WIP or whatever you wish to call them. My Narnia is looking a right state at the moment, projects everywhere. But spreadsheet hmmmm you made me smile at that :)

  3. A spreadsheet is SUCH a good idea ;o) You can always make yourself feel less uptight about it but handwriting a list in a pretty notebook instead!!!


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