Day 7 - Baby Gown

Friday, March 14, 2008

I started by making these merino gowns for my baby before she arrived. After some in the field testing I can report the that they fit from a new born weight of about 3.8 kg (8 lb 5) to 5.5 kg (12 lb). I have since made a number for expectant friends.

The fabric can be machine washed, but be careful with the detergents. It doesn't take to well to being soaked in nappisan. I found that the typical baby stains (exploding nappies) faded with the first hand wash in wool detergent and were gone by the second wash. Sun bleaching may have been helping here too. Two gowns were enough to get me through the first 6 weeks.

The ties at the hem are optional. I didn't get time to put them in before little e's arrival. I found the skirt was long enough not to need them. The little ones feet stayed well within the gown so it didn't matter that booties didn't stay on. For those worried about little feet and loose threads, the ties are on the outside.

I had big plans to post a PDF of the pattern and instructions, hence the delay in getting day 7 done. I was expecting it to just be a button on the page, but found it was a little more complicated than that – google pages account, gmail account etc. I will get around to it one day but I have a found a solution for the next month or so – I can email it. So if you would like a pattern, drop me an email (it's somewhere in my profile) and I will get one to you, just email me before this time next month.

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  1. I loved gowns when the kids were newborns, they look lovely! Heart Felt /

  2. I can't see your email address on your profile but it might be beacuse I haven't had enough coffee yet today! I'd love a copy of the gown pattern - looks like a great baby gift. My email is luubeeluu at gmail dot com


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