It is finish, it is finish

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I love reading books about quilting history and catalogs of historical quilts. In a sense these make me appreciate the importance of labels. There was one quilt that sticks in my mind. I cannot find the book any where but the label started with “It is finish, it is finish” and continued with a history of how long the quilt took and who stitched it.

There is some debate about when a quilt is finished. I remember my mum having a book called “It's Not a Quilt Until it is Quilted”. For me, I often consider something finished when the top is ready for quilting. This is probably because I don't usually handquilt. I have to admit that these quilts are not really ready for use until they are bound. I have friends who take it one step further and say that it is not finished until the label is made.

I can proudly say that the Frocks quilt is finished in every way. It even has a label that was carefully added on Thursday. This was my first attempt to use cotton flannel as a batting. I was inspired by some summer quilts I read about in Yarnstorm. While it isn't the warmest batting, it feels lovely and light and just right for the summer that is just ending. I even managed to do some basic hand quilting.

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