Big Thank You to Big E

Friday, March 21, 2008

I have a much younger sister who gets to do lots of cool stuff. Being 15, she texts a lot so it was only a matter of days after my daughter's arrival that we realised that it was getting a bit confusing with two E's, hence the Big E (sister) and little e (daughter). In case you are wondering, they do have different names, just the same initial.

Amongst the cool stuff Big E gets up to, was a skiing trip to France over Christmas. I can't begrudge her these thing when she brings back treasures such as this smock and the latest copy of Quiltmania. So, I only did fourth form French but it is fun pretending that I understand what the patterns say. The diagrams are pretty good. I just hope I don't get caught out by subtleties like reverse pieces etc.

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