Stocking the Baby Box - Overalls

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It seams that most of my toddler photos star me and various cousins in hand knits and mothercare overalls. It was the height of gender neutrality and those pants lasted for ages with hems being rolled down and buttons moved as we got taller.

It comes as no surprise that I was keen to make some overalls for little e. While not being able to find the mother care pattern, I've gone for corduroy and yes, again another simply baby pattern. There were a few adjustments – snap locks rather than dome tape and the contrast cuffs. I'm still not sure about the orange ribbon so it is pinned on at the moment.

I have set myself a challenge and hope to get a week of blogging on the baby box. A sort of Seven Stitches for Seven Days if you will. I feel I can reveal what I was up to, now that there are only two days to go. I was worried that I might not manage to pull it off.

I have just had that great news that another friend is expecting (or do you say some more friends are expecting when both the expectant mum and dad are your friends?). This should be keeping the number of friends expecting static, however the one due on Monday appears to be running a little late.

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  1. The overalls are lovely. I love overalls on my DDs for winter.

  2. these are darling! i love overalls. what a fun project.


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