Sun Dresses

Sunday, March 09, 2008

These dresses aren't strictly part of stocking the baby box. Every girl needs a Christmas party dress and these were made for little e's big day. They come as a result of buying the fabric before the pattern. These prints caught my eye and I figured that half a metre of each should be enough to make a dress using both prints. I had been eying up some patterns in an old Enid Gilchrist book. I started draughting the dress pattern only to find it was about to be outgrown, and so the hunt began to find a dress pattern hat used only half a metre of two fabrics.

I was really impressed with the Simplicity Simply Baby series – gone were the mum dressed like daughter photos of the 80's and the fussy detail. I even managed to get a dress out of half a metre of fabric by shortening the hem by a little. If you are thinking about using this series of patterns I recommend using the weight as a guide rather than the age – the size said 1 yr but was closer to 6 months.

The spotty dress was the trial before cutting into the glorious florals. I bit off a little more than I can chew and fortunately Mum was able to lend a hand and sew up one of the dresses for me. There are even some matching pants somewhere – in the wash I think.

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