The Irony

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

We have had yet another case of Domestic Irony in our home and I just had to share.

Over the weekend, my iron managed to dribble stained water on my fabric yet again. My husband pointed out that I had been complaining about the iron for some time now. It was getting on in years, about 6 of them if I recall correctly. So, I took off to Briscoes to find a new one.

When I saw how much they were and realized that I really didn't know what I wanted I had second thoughts. Considering the only fault was the discoloured water, I left the store with Iron Cleaner Fluid instead. I congratulated myself on spending only $14 on fluid as opposed to $50 on a new iron.

Then I cleaned the iron. I followed the instructions, but something happened to the element between steps 2 & 3 and my iron hasn't been the same since. In fact, the element is completely burnt out.

It turns out the iron cleaner should be renamed. I have a few suggestions, and am kicking myself for trying to save money and ending up needing to spend even more. Did I mention that it is not a short distance to the store?

So the moral of the story is – if you want a new iron but are not sure, try to save the old one and you might just find you need a new iron.

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  1. I dont know where you live but I noticed a couple of weeks ago Harvey Norman in Palmerston North had two different irons reduced to $25, both good brands, and the irons had all the features expected in a modern iron. I was surprised that irons could be this cheap and was very tempted!

  2. Don't you just hate it when you try to be good and it turns out bad! x

  3. That sounds like the love hate relationship I have with my iron. While I haven't gone to the trouble of breaking it, I do have to take a deep breath everytime it spits burning hot water on me.

    P.S. I found you from your Gretchen Block "the best picks" in Quilter's Gallery's newsletter. :D

  4. Something must be in the air this month...I recently burned out two irons. I was down to a travel iron until I could get to the store-where I also bought distilled water...hope it helps.

  5. Hi,

    I made a useful discovery two years ago and haven't had any marks from my iron since. I only use water out of my Brita Water Filter Jug. I live in London and used to have this problem all the time. I finally bought a new iron and this one I haven't had any sprays of dirt for two years. I am convinced that using filtered water is the answer.
    Hope this helps
    Charmaine, London UK


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