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Friday, November 06, 2009

The random number generator has chosen - #6 Anna Fogg. Anna is a quilting Mom to 7 and you can find her blog here - I can't outdo the computer that came through her mailbox but I will be hunting down some treasures.

Anna I will get in touch with you to get your postal details.

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  1. whoa Baby!! Just pulled you up and saw my name! It's almost 1am so I thought I was seeing things, but when you said 7 kids, I said, yep, that's me!
    Ok. How cool. I am lucky in 'blog' love because last Friday I won a quilt from Nancy at Dark Horse Designs...wowee.
    ~anna in md,

  2. ps...that last giveaway you won from Joanna? She's my girl! We met online in a yahoo group, and have been quilting together ever since, designed some patterns, some of that fabric you got, she bought I believe when she came here last spring for us to finally meet. Go back in her archives to spring, and you'll see her trip...can't wait to tell her.
    ~anna in md

  3. Hi there! Just having a long overdue catch up with you and yours. You've certainly been busy making beautiful blocks. I'm so sorry I missed signing up for the Anzac Bee it looks like it's going to be lots of fun. We've got a new 'home' if you fancy popping over! xx


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